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Name: Charlotte d'Arcy
Alias: The White Lady; Dauphine of Arcy (noble title); My moonflower (by Astaroth)
Born in: 1703 - 309 years old (appears about 21).
Species: vampire born Krusnik.
Powers: the same of an average vampire but not as strong, until she has an hysteria breakdown.
Favourite Flower: white roses and lilies
Favourite style of clothing: Medieval and Edwardian. Some late victorian fashion also pleases her. And though she usually rides sidesaddle, from time to time she wears a sort of XVIII century styled uniform with trousers instead of a dress, since it's more pratical for her sword training on horse.  
Particular skills/hobbies: Fencing and horsemanship. She also likes to study languages and is currently getting into german.
Weaknesses: She still doesn't control her strenght very well when it comes to physical contact with humans or other more fragile beings - On one occasion, she almost squeezed Ivan to death with a hug, and actually cracked a couple of his ribs.

Parents and siblings: Demetrius and Leocadia, princes of Arcy; Astaroth of Arcy (older brother)
Love Interest: At the moment doesn't have one, but she is visibly attached to her brother, which is not that surprising knowing that besides her brother, father and a few servants from the household she barely had any contact with males most of her life. Demetrius is tempted to try countering that by marrying her off, but what vampire prince in his right mind would marry a krusnik? Surely either a masochist, or a sadist that would use her as a weapon against her own people.
Enemy: Doesn't have one, but she becomes very restless around her brother's fiancée Mireille, who kidnapped and imprisoned her.
Personality: Shy, yet polite, she is still struggling to regain her social skills again after being locked up in isolation for about 200 years (ca. 500 in canon because despithe she is born in the same year, the main story takes place in 2360 a.D), including speech and some of her common sense. She still seems to have a very active mind and is easy to please. She loves the color white, which reminds her of the light she has been deprived for so long, so if you want to see her happy offer or show her something white and she'll love you forever.

History: Like most of the noble couples of their time, Demetrius and Leocadia didn't marry out of love, but by an arrangement. In fact, Leocadia's half-brother hated and secretly plotted such marriage so Demetrius pure bloodline would be corrupted by Leocadia own blood since she is a dhampir. It was too late when Demetrius found out he had been tricked and the marriage couldn't be anulled. Eventually, Astaroth was born and there were no major or noticeable flaws on him apart having 1/4 of human blood.    

Differently from what happened with her brother, Charlotte is a true lovechild from her parents, but such happiness was soon to be tainted as they discovered she was born a krusnik, vampires' natural predator.
Afraid other princes would think Demetrius was harboring a massive destruction weapon in the form of this child, and therefore bring unwanted wars, Demetrius concealed Charlotte inside the castle, while Leocadia was slightly more permissive and took their daughter out to the village with moderation.

On one occasion, while her father was away, the master of the Order of the Dragon at the time tried to press Leocadia into marrying Charlotte with his son, a smart move that would dictate both the families' supremacy against any other princes. Not wanting to wage any wars, and considering her daughter was still just a little girl, Leocadia refused the proposal terminantly. And just before the knight could snatch her away, she ran with Charlotte to the Iberian Peninsula, deep into the Cantabrian Mountains, and stayed there for a while, just enough time for the Order forget about them and their mad proposal.

She grew very fond of her older brother who was at that time studying abroad in Romania but would fly back to Arcy to see her whenever he could take his leave.
One evening, a fire broke out in the castle, and during the chaos Charlotte went missing, and no matter the efforts she wasn't found.
When Astaroth came back from the boarding school he recieved the news and accused his father, with whom he already shared a sour relationship, of killing Charlotte for not being able to deal with the pressure of having a krusnik daughter.
Meanwhile, it was Mireille and her servants who had started the fire so they could snatch the little girl. Mireille then built a secret room around sleeping Charlotte within the walls of her own castle. With that she planned not only to lock away the "ultimate weapon" but also to chastise Astaroth for refusing her.

The room built through sorcery by Mireille was completely dark and acoustically isolated from the rest of the world, and she would only be fed regularly by Mireille who sent bottles filled with her blood by means of a spell so they could enter the doorless cubicle.  
Charlotte was locked up for over two centuries, so Mireille could cultivate the clinical hysteria (which as we all know is a myth to humans but is a real condition in female vampires by my book, for more info, wikipedia-it ^^) Charlotte started to suffer from.
Astaroth finally found out that his sister wasn't dead and eventually found her, with Ivan's help and their allies.

Mireille managed to give Charlotte a false alter-ego so she would attack and kill Astaroth but after a while Mireille's magic wore off as Charlotte eventual breakdown got too severe and she had to back down.
When during an hysteria breakdown, Charlotte's strenght increases tenfold and she loses any instict of self-preservation. Astaroth had to bleed her for a while so she would lose strenght until she would calm down, but he almost ends up killing her.

When Charlotte finally got out of Mireille's control she is taken by Ast and Ivan to Russia, and once there they were able to realize in what state she was. The princess was shattered. She had forgotten how to speak, would shy at every sound and wouldn't recognize the most trivial objects, all due to her prolonged isolation.

She took several months to remember about Astaroth, and right after that she has been trying really hard to remember every single thing she can, her building piano skills being one of them, which allowed Ivan to step in and try to make a contact through music, using it as a pointer when trying to evaluate her state of mind or answers to simple questions by the sounds she made. It was a huge breakthrough for them, and since then Charlotte has also remembered many words, and though she is very responsive, she still avoids starting a conversation on her own.
Took the idea from ~Sakuraotaku18 to organize my info sheets like this ^^ it's tidy and eyecatching I think ^^

Oh about Charlotte's hysteria outbreak, I was thinking about something like it is featured in the game "Alice: The Madness Returns". Gotta love Alice's Hysteria Mode X3 -> [link]

And seriously, go see the hysteria article on wiki ([link]) it's hard to believe doctors believed in such things until the 1940's O.O

Hope you enjoy
EternalStarTrail Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
Poor Charlotte DX *cuddles* Im glad Ast and Ivan could find her, and that she seems to be getting over what happened to her. Ast must be so happy to have her back.
BloodedLunacy Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
He sure is, at the very least he feels relieved. And don't you worry, I expect her story to get a lot less gloomy from here on ^^ She'll be really getting back on the horse, litterally XD
EternalStarTrail Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Yay for not gloomy future!!! :la: XD
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